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Scale and Grow Your Business in 2020

Growing a business fast requires special attention and focus on the customer’s needs, wants and desires. This means focusing on the problems to be solved that allow you as a business owner to offer a product that fills a gap in the marketplace quickly.

Doing this means higher profits in your business and higher rates of customer acquisition and customer retainability. The faster you can develop products that fill these consumer gaps the more your company will grow.

This requires fast action in a rapid production mode to get ahead of your competition. 

Imagine a Full 6 Months of Access to Some of the Best Minds in the World Helping You Grow and Scale Your Business.

Take Your Business to New Levels with the Power of Strategic Mentorship and Group Masterminds.

Group Business Growth Sessions

Ask yourself this one single question? What if I had twenty business minded people like me giving me input into my business every month?  Would that move me forward faster?

Participate in group business growth sessions where we help you and also expose you to twenty other like-minded business owners.

Video Conference Training Sessions

Join your POD on video conferencing for our once a month training session via a powerful video conferencing software called Zoom. This is where the magic all happens!

Your mentors and your peers will help you identify the blindspots in your business. This helps you to easily remove barriers and explode your business to the next level.

(BE) Leadership
(KNOW) Profit Growth Factors
(DO) Strategic Planning

Program Outline

Pre-Work will consist of an evaluation of where each company owner is CURRENTLY in their business. We will assess this and bring the group up to speed at a same starting point based on current maturity, structure, etc.

Part 1: The 6 – Inch Putts (Quick Wins) Self-directed Leadership, Profit Growth Factors and Foundations for Strategic Planning
OUTCOME: Clarity, Resource Recovery, Directional Focus

Part 2: Profit Maximization and Hyper-Growth, Delegated Tactical Tasks & Profit Maximization
OUTCOME: Sharp Profit Increase, Resource Re-allocation, Aligned Focus of Life Plan and Business Plan

Part 3: Delegated Outcomes, Leadership & Profit Maximization
OUTCOME: Heartbeat of your Business Becomes About MEANINGFUL SCOREBOARD And Your Critical Number. Systems Are Fully Tested “KINDA LIKE a Restaurant Fully Booked and Serving a Full House."

Part 4: Concrete Culture and Growing Your Executive Suite
OUTCOME: Maturity and Stability

Part 5: Optimize and Automate
OUTCOME: Predictable Behavior of the Business - Masterful Navigation of the Business Life Cycle

Part 6: Liberate and Elevate
OUTCOME: Extended Vacation / Mini-retirement / Exit Possible

6 Month Strategic Implementation Program

WHEN: Last Friday of Every Month Starting January 31
WHERE: Zoom Video Conference
HOW: Sign Up Below!


Jason Miller

Jason is one of the most highly sought after behind the scenes business advisors in the industry. He has worked behind the scenes with executives at fortune 500 level to help them continue to grow as companies. He has helped hundreds of companies and thousands of independent entrepreneurs succeed over the past 2 decades.

In this program, he will help you:

- Plan for smart business growth in a changing environment.

- Execute strategies as fast as possible.

- Build a successful model and implement the tools, plans and support structures to drive your business to its optimal potential.

- Focus on each phase of growth for your business. Short term, mid-term and long term growth are the growing way-points that will drive your business through a layered level of success during each phase. This allows you to reinvest quickly and grow faster.

- With fresh ideas, new concepts and how to further those ideas with your staff to make them the winning products for your business.

About Jason Miller
Jason is a seasoned CEO with tons of passion to help other business owners and CEO’s succeed. He has mentored thousands of people over 2+ decades. Jason major strengths are in Project Management, Hyper Company Growth, Scaling and Strategic/Operational Implementation.

Jason has built several companies of his own from the ground up since 2001. 

Jason has a specialty in helping businesses create a passive system of income and guiding other business owners through the rough waters of “Growing” and “Scaling” their company in sequence. Jason currently operates his own company with multiple brands to include a full-service Marketing Agency and a Government Contracting Branch were educational services and material contracts are provided for multiple agencies of the US Government.

Jason is a published author in the business world and his 4 published books have been featured in Barnes and Noble, Amazon and stores worldwide. Jason donates all his book sales to “Homes for Hero’s” of which donations have played a part in building 2 homes for Wounded Warriors.

Jason and his wife also spent a combined 25 years in the service to their country in the United States Military while simultaneously growing and scaling multiple businesses and setting them on auto pilot with the correct staffing and systems put in place.

Jason is married and is a proud father of 4 children. Jason and his family reside and run their main company headquarters in Boulder, Colorado in the stunning Rocky Mountains.

If you need help with Hyper Growth and Scaling your company in the proper sequence that’s where Jason can assist your company to the next level.
This could be from start-up to mature businesses.

Again reminder that this program is 100% free for all Terry Foster Consulting clients in 2020 so let's start this year strong!

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