Sassy Jones Boutique Case Study.

Client Name: Sassy Jones Boutique | Industry: Women’s Fashion | Goal: Increase Sales

The Challenge

Sassy Jones Boutique is deeply rooted in helping women feel undeniably confident about themselves by adding a little sparkle here and there. When you look good, you feel good and their products help others upgrade their look flawlessly & affordably. Their obsession with exceeding customer expectations has helped them become an award winning accessory brand.

When Sassy Jones Boutique came to us, they were already on a good plane. They had amazing products, superior customer service, and loyal customers. All they needed was the ability to start acquiring more customers. The ads they had running were effective, but the scale of approximately $2,000 per month was small. Anytime they attempted to spend more, the ad performance would decline. That’s where TFC’s expertise came to help.

The Strategy

After review of the Sassy Jones Boutique funnel and existing ads, we discovered one of the primary issues was the ads did not match the personality of the brand. As a result, it created a disjointed messaging.

Sassy Jones Boutique had a solid conversion rate with high repeat orders and a good profit margin. We identified three key areas of improvement that we utilized to scale her ads. We put an account structure in place as well as established a retargeting strategy and created dynamic products ads (DPAs).

The Result

Our results for Sassy Jones Boutique produced the opportunity for her to build a team. She now has been able to turn a well paying hobby into an actual business In three months, we were able to help her scale to generate over $1 million dollars of sales in the first half of 2018...with just $175K spent on paid advertising.

6 Months Before TFC:

Before Image

6 Months After TFC:

After Image