Morris Invest Case Study.

Client Name: Morris Invest | Industry: Real Estate | Goal: Lead Generation

The Challenge

Real estate is one of, if not, the best way to create financial freedom. However, often it can be a confusing process. Morris Invest helps busy investors build long-term legacy wealth for their families through real estate. They have helped hundreds purchase their first rental properties and fill them with happy tenants.

Initially, Morris Invest generated a high level of organic traffic since it’s founder, Clayton Morris, was a host on Fox and Friends. When organic traffic began to decline, they turned to Facebook advertising in order to scale. However, the ads were ineffective and unsustainable at $210 per call! That is when they came to TFC for help.

The Strategy

Our first goal was to determine why there was a lack of conversions in order to bring quality leads back to the sales team. This required a complete evaluation of the customer journey to establish at which point was the sale possibly being lost. We discovered that there was very little warming up of the audiences and an overall lack of structure.

We introduced a retargeting strategy and create what we define a Cold to Hot funnel. Morris Invest had an assortment of great content and solid testimonials from their clientele. These strong resources enabled us to revamp and strengthen the customer journey to improve results and bring cost per down.

The Result

Morris Invest has not only been able to keep his sales team happy, he has been able to GROW it! Since we have managed their ads, we have spent roughly $136K on this funnel and it has resulted in 3,188 consultations at an average close rate of 10%...and this is a very high ticket offer.

$42.66 Cost Per Booked Call

80% reduction in cost at higher volume

Facebook Results