Paid ads will most certainly bring the traffic to your online store, but your store has to have the right components in place to motivate the sale.

That is where a solid product description is key!

Your product description can not only help convert customers, but also can help boost your store’s SEO, display your branding, and help guide your customers to the right purchase.

Here is how to craft winning product descriptions that convert:

#1 Define your target audience

 Rule 1 of marketing: know your audience. You always want to keep your customer avatar in mind when you write your product descriptions.

You want to particularly focus on their pain points and wants so you can tailor your product description to highlight the features of your product that would most appeal to their interest so they click “Add to Cart.”

Why are my visitors interested in my store?

How would someone describe my product to others?

What features or benefits would interest my target customer the most?

These are some questions to keep in mind when writing your product descriptions to increase sales.

#2 Highlight your product benefits

This is where you really want to dig deep and go the extra mile. Many businesses state the obvious details about their products. As a result, they leave money on the table because they fail to go into the actual value proposition or what makes their product unique or better.

Yes, you want to include the basic facts, but also think about what makes your product stand out. How does your product improve your customers’ lives?

Ensure to translate the features of your products into benefits to captivate your audience.

#3 Incorporate a human element

People love a good story. You have the ability to bring an emotional connection through words in your product description. 

Is there something special about the origin of your product?

What inspired you to create your product?

Does your product take your customers on a journey?

How is your product used in the customer’s everyday life?

Use the words in your product description to paint a mental picture for your customer. Ultimately, you want them to feel like they cannot live or do not want to live without your product.

#4 Maintain an authentic voice

Your brand is an extension of you. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of your own personality into your descriptions.

Use verbiage you would normally say when conversing with friends, but remain on brand. Ensure to maintain consistency across each description to build trust and be memorable.

#5 Keep it simple

Attention spans are short: approximately less than 7 seconds to be exact. Therefore, you need to ensure a reader can easily scan your descriptions. To accomplish this, you want to ensure you present the exact information they need to know to make a quick purchase decision. 

If they have to search, they will be out and onto the next. Use short paragraphs, bullets and appropriate spacing to make your descriptions readily scannable.

#6 Optimize for search engine optimization

The power of optimization lies within knowing your keywords. Keywords are what your customers will use to find the products they seek.

Conduct a keyword audit to discover which work the best for your products and business. Then, make sure to incorporate them on different pages of your website.

To improve your SEO on Shopify, place your keywords in:

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image tags (ie. ALT tags)
  • Product descriptions

#7 Use high-quality images

 Low-quality images can damage your brand. 

High-quality images present your product in it’s best light and provide polish to your store. In this industry, looks do matter!

Follow these 7 steps to writing winning product descriptions and you’ll be well on your way to increased conversions.