Facebook Ads Training to Grow Your Ecommerce

Ecommerce used to be a win-win solution for people who understood it well. They could cater to many audiences there, and there wasn’t much competition among entrepreneurs online. But now almost every business is available online. This has increased the traffic, and it has become difficult for you to reach the audience and grow your eCommerce.

Keeping all of this in mind, which is where you think you can reach out to maximum people online? The most obvious answer to this is Facebook.  Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with 2.45 billion users worldwide in one month. According to Pew Research, 79% of people on Facebook are between 18 and 29. So what better place than Facebook to grow your eCommerce?

In this blog, you will get the basic guideline about Facebook ads training on how you can grow your eCommerce. But before we move onto the training part, make sure that your content is attractive enough to attract the audiences. You don’t need a more generous budget for this. All you need to know is basic marketing strategies.

Laying Foundation forFacebook Training on Ecommerce

Before you move onto the actual digital marketing part, you need to know what you have to prepare beforehand. Start by making a business account in the Facebook business manager. In this account, you will post all your ads, your products list, and all that eCommerce stuff on this account

Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is not something you should necessarily have before you begin, but it is better to have one. Linking Facebook pixel to your website helps you regulate cookies from other sites, and it keeps you aware of all the audiences who have visited your Facebook page. This way, you will have a custom-build audience whenever you decide to post ads on your eCommerce Facebook page.

Having this build early on saves your time when you start on actual eCommerce ad posting on your Facebook business account.

Facebook Training and Tips on Growing Your Ecommerce

The following are a few steps to start and build a successful online marketing and business through Facebook.

Know Your Audience

You need to know what is your targeted audience and if you reach them well through Facebook. Usually, there are audiences of different ages and groups.

Customize Your Facebook Business Page

You already have a business account; now, you need to customize according to your business needs. Add a suitable description to the page about your description. Select a fitting title that is attractive enough for the audience to sound catch and deliver your main message.

Post Your Product And Sell It Directly

Make your first post on Facebook about the product or your business. Now when you have a business account, there is an option available that you can create a shop there on Facebook. You can link your products there. From there, you can sell your products to your Facebook audience. It uses the third part, like Shopify, to your Facebook page. This is also beneficial for you as you can even get an audience from there as well.

Post More Videos Than Images

For your Facebook eCommerce to grow more organically, you should post more videos about your business. It’s not that you don’t post any picture ta all but try to do more live broadcasts. According to a survey, there is a 135% more organic reach of the audience on videos than pictures. This means that Facebook promotes videos more. 

Also, keep in mind that you follow a schedule of postings. A long gap or a lot of posts at once do not give off a good impression.

A Lot Of Promotion

Do you think that just having a business account on Facebookcan get you audience? If you feel so, then you are very wrong. You need to promote your product through your page. Interact with your audience through your sales-focused posts. All it takes is to send them messages about all your new promotions about upcoming ventures. You can also create polls. Interact as much as you can. Also, do not forget to add a call to action with every post so the audience can reach you. 

Give Your Customers Some Benefits

You can also arrange a giveaway after some time. This helps you increase your customers and also builds a PR for your business. Another way to appreciate your customers’ efforts is to post customer reviews through your posts. It gives your customers confidence that you are valuing their opinion.

Post Ads

Now is the time to use that Facebook pixel you built earlier on. Create an ad through this, and Facebook will itself promote your ad to the targeted audiences. You can also monitor or retarget your ads to get a better reach towards the audience.

Facebook Funnel

Facebook funnel is also a way to generate ads through Facebook to promote your eCommerce and augment your sales. There are Facebook funnel based eCommerce campaigns. It is divided into three stages; awareness, consideration, and conversion. You can also use this to augment your sales and grow your eCommerce on Facebook. 

Terry Foster Facebook Training

If you are looking for more in-depth training about how you can use Facebook for eCommerce and digital marketing by ads posting or other ways, then Terry Foster is appropriate for you. He is a Facebook ads expert, and he has a series of videos in his course where he guides you all about it in his Facebook ads playbook.


Running an eCommerce business is very hard these days as there is a lot of competition online. But you need to know the right strategies, and you can ace this easily. Facebook is, for sure, the best place where you can post ads and promote your business. According to an e-marketer, 96% of marketers think that Facebook is the best platform to promote your business. So what are you waiting for? I hope you have got enough information about Facebook and eCommerce. Go get started.

I hope this Facebook training about growing your eCommerce was beneficial for you.

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