Everything You Need to Know About Shopify Facebook Ads


If you are someone who is thinking of closing their ecommerce or dropshipping Shopify stores during this pandemic because you are not getting any revenue, then this post is for you.

Just around a year ago, Shopify was one of the most brilliant ecommerce platforms in the market. With just $20 spent, it made anyone and every one an ecommerce store owner. And by spending a few more dollars on Alidropship or Oberlo extension, anyone could sell anything from China directly to European and North American market while raking in huge commissions. In fact, Shopify was giving tough competition to Amazon because of all the store owners using it.


Scaling Shopify With Facebook Ads

People were trusting these stores because the products available on them were a lot cheaper then what they were paying on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and Walmart.

But everything changed…

In the first half of 2020, pandemic hit the economic market of every country. Brick and mortar stores were closed. Products from China were banned. China, which was the central hub, had warehouses of almost all ecommerce store owners. With an immediate ban, they weren’t able to sell their products. When the ban was lifted in the second quarter, other countries were covered with the pandemic. Those who were not affected by COVID were reluctant to buy from online stores that operated or shipped products from China or any other country outside the US. This hurt most store owners who were using Shopify for their business.

Since no store owner can keep their business running without sales, they had to close soon after and many did.

But those who remained patient can now market to the wider audience with better approaches available. Here is how to do that.

Sell more on Shopify with Facebook ads

Many ecommerce store owners don’t know that they can easily integrate Shopify with Facebook and export their catalogue lists with the click of a button. Previously, they had to download the catalogue list to their systems and then upload it to Facebook Ads. It was a lot time consuming and required some level of technical expertise – that isn’t a forte of every store owner.

Once exported, they can run dynamic ads on their Facebook pages. These ads can be targeted towards a selected audience or retargeted to people who stopped by their website to see products. Moreover, they can also upsell and cross-sell to relevant audiences depending on their preferences.

All dynamic ads can be run for ‘conversions,’ allowing you to track your conversion cost for each ad. Moreover, Facebook will automatically analyze which audience is the best fit for your ads.

Use Facebook Dynamic Feed Ads Retargeting

Let’s see how to use the Facebook dynamic feed retargeting option for your Shopify ecommerce store in this step by step process.

The best part about Dynamic Feed ads on Facebook is that you can place them in front of people who visited your website at some point in the last 30 days. And, you can show them exactly the ads of the products that they wanted to buy.

Add Facebook Pixel to Your Shopify Store

Connect Pixel

If you still haven’t added a pixel to your Shopify store, do so now. In fact, Shopify has made it a lot easier for users to add pixels to their ecommerce stores. Since Facebook allows direct integrations with third-parties like WordPress and Shopify, you can do it easily.

Use the integrations available and select Shopify. Integrate it and you will have the pixel installed. Install the Facebook Pixel Helper plugin on your Chrome browser to cross-check that your website has Facebook pixel available.

Create a Product Catalog Feed

Next, you have to add the product catalogue feed on your Shopify ecommerce store and upload it to Facebook. This process is quite easy.

Facebook Feed product by Flexify

app easily exports your product catalogue feed. You can then add it to your Facebook ads account and run dynamic ads.

Run Facebook Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Next, you will have to create Dynamic ad campaigns on Facebook. Simply select Dynamic ads in Facebook ads selection. Add your desired ad budget, campaign objective, and daily budget. Facebook will automatically create ad creatives from the feed you provided it earlier.

Quick Creation
Your ads will start to show as an example in the Catalog Manager on Facebook.


Select Dynamic ads instead of multi-image ads or single-image ads on Facebook ads manager and run carousel campaigns.

The benefit of running Dynamic ads is that Facebook will automatically choose your audience and see which one is the best fit for a certain product depending on Facebook pixel data.

Make sure you have the right Facebook pixel selected for running your ad campaigns.

Once you are ready with the Facebook ads, it is time to run them from your Facebook account. Facebook will take a week or at least 50 conversions to learn about your products and audience behaviour. It will charge more for conversions during this period because it will be running the ads on multiple audiences. After the learning period is over, your conversion cost will automatically decrease.

You can also use Facebook Dynamic Ads directly from the Shopify Manager. Here is how to do that.

Run Facebook Dynamic Ads with Shopify Marketing Manager

Facebook has collaborated with Shopify to help you start Facebook remarketing ads with the Shopify marketing manager. In fact, in the Shopify marketing manager, you won’t even have to set it manually because the Shopify marketing manager will do it for you. It will also allow you to create creatives automatically using Burst by Shopify, a free stock image website.

With Shopify marketing manager, you can also:

  1. Manage remarketing ads on Facebook directly from the Shopify platform

  2. Pause or start multiple remarketing campaigns on Facebook

  3. View reports of Facebook remarketing activities directly in the Shopify admin manager


Using Collection Ad Format

Ad Format

The best part about Facebook is that you can easily create collection ads depending on your intent. If you want the user to buy products, you can create carousel ads for your products. If you want the user to know more about your story, you can create video ads that explain your brand’s long-term vision.

Similarly, you can create mobile ads with Storefront ads that drive people to your website or app directly from their mobile devices.

Ready to Market Your Shopify Store on Facebook?

Now that you know all about how to market your store on Facebook and earn more revenue, you won’t have to close it. You can now use remarketing strategies and retarget the people that came to your store, upsell them and earn even more revenue. If you want to start getting new customers , reach out to us at Terry Foster Consulting