Facebook Advertising

In continuation of my 3 part series, How to Ramp Up Your Facebook Advertising, here is part two.

#4 Strategically Select Placements

There are a variety of locations you can reach your target audience both on and off Facebook, including Instagram and the audience network. The most common placements to run ads on Facebook are desktop, mobile, or both.


    Device Placement

    Each placement will impact your campaign differently.  For example, mobile users might be less likely to purchase than desktop users but more apt to engage. Similarly, newsfeed ads might outperform right column ads on Facebook. It’s important to note that all placements are automatically enabled so you will need to edit accordingly when creating your ads.

    #5 Keep Relevance Score High and Frequency Low

    Two of the most overlooked metrics on Facebook ads are Relevance Score and Frequency. Frequency tells you how often a single user is seeing the same version of your ad. If your frequency score is 2, it means your ad is seen an average of 2 times which is an excellent score. On the contrary, if your frequency score is 7, that’s cause for concern. If someone has seen your ad 7 times, they are highly unlikely to convert which is in turn hurting your campaign. 


    TIP: Strive to keep your frequency score at 3 or lower, You can accomplish this by having a large enough audience to keep your ad displaying through different audience members. As you continue to scale your ad, make sure to keep a diligent watch on your frequency.


    Frequency Score

    Conversely, your relevance score should be high as possible. Facebook will assess your ad on how relevant it will be to your audience then score it on a scale of one to ten. This is based on Facebook’s algorithm and overall audience response to your ad. Positive engagements that will raise your relevance score include clicks, views, likes, comments, and shares. Negative engagement such as people hiding your ad will lower it. 

    TIP: Strive for a relevance score of 8 or higher. This will increase rank in the algorithm and can actually lower your cost per click.

    #6 Mobile Content is King

    Mobile usage has increased significantly in recent years. As a result, it’s important to bring your content where your target market is most likely to interact. It’s important to note that the content you create for desktop doesn’t always translate well to mobile. Therefore, make sure you create mobile-first content to maximize your reach.

    TIP: Make sure to enforce mobile best practices. This includes more vertical videos in your campaigns so mobile users can watch it full screen without the need to turn your phone. Also ensure to test mobile-specific formats such as Instant Experiences (formerly called Canvas Ads) and Story Ads. Both of these formats are automatically full-screen mobile displays that can direct your target audience to your landing page.

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