Facebook Advertising

It goes without saying that Facebook advertising is one of the most powerful advertising forces on Earth. You can reach almost virtually anyone in a variety of placements and ad formats.

It’s extraordinary customization makes the platform seem almost limitless. However, all these options don’t mean jack if the thought of running Facebook ads sound like nuclear physics to you and struggle to get results.

Trust me I get it and it doesn’t help when Zuck changes the algorithm faster than an Usain Bolt race. I’m here to tell you there is hope and to help you maximize your return on investment, here are nine Facebook advertising tips to optimize your campaigns for better results.

#1 Retargeting Is Your BFF

Typically, retargeting campaigns produce higher conversion rates and lower cost per clicks. Whether you want to target people who have visited your website or those who are regular buyers, these are people who already have a connection to your business. This familiarity with your business makes your potential customer more apt to click on your ad and ultimately convert.

Facebook allows you to target two different categories:

  • People from a list you upload. The lists can be comprised of previous customers, email subscribers and blog subscribers. This feature is best served for targeted and timely offers to a particular type of customer. 
Create Custom Audience
  • People who have recently interacted with your business. These interactions could include taking an action on your website, watching a percentage of a video or even interacting with your brick and mortar store as an offline event. These custom audiences can be used to display your ads based on specific actions.

TIP: If your product is viewed, use dynamic product ads to display your product three days later to inspire a purchase.

The important takeaway is regardless of the custom audiences or retargeting campaigns you create, it’s highly important to use what you know about your target audience to your complete advantage when you craft your messaging.

#2 Video Hasn’t Lost It’s Value

After news that Facebook drastically inflated video metrics, many people became confused and even doubted whether video is still relevant in Facebook ads. However, to clear the air, yes it is still a very important aspect of Facebook marketing and especially for ads. 

Video opens up the power of storytelling. People can scroll through see your few lines of text attached to your image and say I’ll pass. However, more are open to watch a video to see what’s next which gives you a huge opportunity to relay your message and make an impact.

TIP: You can set up a Facebook Ads funnel using video. Run a campaign targeting new cold traffic showing them a video ad that focuses on your brand story. Next, create an ad that targets users who have watched at least ten seconds of your video and show them a lead generation ad with an offer such as a free ebook or consultation.




#3 Create Various Sets of Copy

Copy can make or break an ad. Often times as beginners, we find ourselves throwing random darts at the wall in the hopes something sticks, right? 

The best strategy is to create several sets of ad copy, each with a multitude of headlines and text that work together. Each should center around a single message, pain point, or emotional touchpoint, but written in a multitude of styles and highlight different features.


Copy Sets

TIP: Test out bullets, emojis, long copy with paragraphs, and short copy. You may highlight your offer in a variety of forms but ensure it is always consistent.

This is a strategy I regularly implement in my agency to create high converting ads. Also, it’s important to note that different audiences can be tested. This is very important. You can use the split-testing feature in Facebook and select the creative option as your variable.



Stay tuned for the next tips of this series to help you boost your Facebook Advertising efforts.