Paid Traffic Accelerator

Business owners know best how easy it is to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of running a business. You find yourself having to choose where to put your heart and soul into because if you give a fraction of effort amongst a multitude of priorities, then chances of seeing a successful return become slim. The reality is you cannot do it all!

Yet there is one aspect of your business you cannot afford to ignore: PAID ADVERTISING!  An optimized paid advertising strategy is one of the most powerful drivers revenue growth for any business. But...only if you know how to reach the right audience.  

Let's face it, paid ads are far from beginner-friendly, and the huge range of ad options make it difficult to get started successfully when you already strapped for time and often cash.    

That is where we come in. Paid Traffic Accelerator is your fast track to jumpstart your paid advertising WITHOUT high agency costs.

Our team of experts that helped produce six and seven figures for many our brands will create and manage your campaign to help your business elevate to the next level. Finally a solution that'll affordably take care of your paid advertising, so you can be free to focus on other important business needs. 

Our services include:

  • Campaign Setup
  • Create Ad Copy
  • Install any Necessary Pixels
  • Audience Research and Management
  • Campaign Strategy and Creative Recommendations
  • Split-Test of Headlines, Creatives, and Copy
  • Optimization and Retargeting Strategy under Designated Platform(s)
  • Monthly Explanation of Performance

Our services DO NOT include:

  • Copywriting for Any Elements Outside the Ads Themselves
  • Graphic Design or Video Edits of Provided Creatives
  • Programming/Coding of Any Kind (i.e. Funnel Creation)
  • Setup of Social Media Platforms
  • Ad Comment Monitoring



(Each service requires a one-time initial setup fee followed by a monthly management rate that will be billed at the end of each month.)